Every project is unique and will present different opportunities and challenges, but the process we go through is the same. We believe in the design process we’ve

developed, as a way to work through your project affectively and efficiently. Each phase is as important as the next, as they start build off each other till we’ve reached

our goal. Our approach begins with discovery and ends with something truly unique and special. And our relationship doesn’t end when the project does. We will

continue to be around for support on existing and new projects!





concept AND design

execute AND manage

Kick-off meeting & Company Goals

Team Introductions

Competitive Landscape Review


Creative Briefing

Story Boards


Here, we’ll become familiar with current

brand or new brand goals and assess the



We will pinpoint a target audience,

discover new brand opportunities and

position the brand accordingly .


Story boards will be created to visually

display who you want to be.

Content & Asset Collection

Presentation of Design Solutions & Concepts Feedback Cycles

Client Approval


We listen hard. We take everything we’ve

learned about you, combined with our design

expertise and bring your ideas to life.


This is the exciting part. You’ve just unleashed

us to do what we do best. We know you’ve

selected us for a reason and that you trust our

design eye. We take that very seriously.


Here, we will present our design concepts,

gather feedback and finalize creative.

Final Design Execution

Production Management

Print Management

Extra Services


Once your design has been approved to

send to print or to take live, we’ll dot the i’s

and cross the t’s to make sure it’s ready to

roll out.


We partner with a variety of vendors to ensure

your project is handled by the best from start

to finish and are happy to help manage every



Moving forward it’s important to keep the

brand experience consistent across all

touchpoints, from web to collateral and we’re

here to help.


step 01

the details

Initial Meeting

This is where we learn about you, your company’s

challenges, goals and introduce ourselves,

our services, and decide if we’re a good fit to

help you achieve those goals.

Proposal Presented

After we’ve gathered all of the necessary information,

we provide a proposal that includes all

of the services we can provide to help with your

design project.

Contract Approval

Once your exact needs are established, we will

provide a detailed contract. Once this is signed

and a deposit is received, we begin!

step 02


Kick-Off Meeting & Introductions

Meet your creative team! This meeting will introduce

you to our team and all those involved

in the project. We want to hear it all. We want

to know everything about your target demo,

where your inspiration comes from, your design

goals, your desired aesthetic, etc. You can never

tell/show us too much.


It’s important to establish a formal timeline

that you will have the opportunity to review

and approve. This helps to keep both parties

accountable and on track. If anything needs to

be rushed, we can discuss that here.

Creative Brief

After meeting with you, we take your project

goals and turn them into a creative brief. The

brief serve as our guide, to keep everyone from

derailing from the original goal of the project.

It’s important to have this signed off on, as we

will revisit it frequently to make sure we are on

track for the duration of the project.

step 03


Competitive Landscape Review

This step allows our team to become well

versed in your industry. We dive into your

company’s strengths, weaknesses, potential

opportunities and your competitors. We’ll

figure out how to best position your company

among and against others in your space.


This will be conducted internally amongst our

team and any others that may contribute to

great idea generation.

Story Boards

The top ideas will then be turned into story

boards. These allows us to convey the potential

directions of the project visually. Once a

board or combination of a board is approved,

the concept and design phase will begin.

concept AND design

step 01


Content & Asset Collection

All content and assets need to be collected before we can dive into the design process. A checklist will be provided, to walk you through exactly what we’re looking for.


Create Concepts

The design process begins. We will be hard at work taking all of your design direction and finding the best design solutions for the project.


Present & Collect Feedback

Concepts are shared and, again, we’re here to listen, take in all feedback and provide discussion around these concepts and further solutions.

step 02


Presentation of Design Solution

This is where a narrowed down concept will be presented in person (preferably) or over video conference.


Feedback Cycles

In the interest of keeping on track and within the scope of work, discussion and feedback from all decision makers should be provided before moving into the next round of concept revisions. An electronic Revision Sign-off will be required to move forward.

step 03



We did it! We brought your project to life. Before we send anything to print or take a website live, please take the time to thoroughly proof everything! This is ultimately your responsibility even though we will have proofed it multiple times ourselves. An electronic Final Approval will be required at this step.


Proofing Process Details


Please allow for a 72 hour time period to turn over

serving & hosting on a website project. There

should also be an additional testing and troubleshooting

period built into the timeline.



If hard proofs are necessary, additional time should

be worked in to the timeline to allow for this.

execute AND manage

step 03


Prepare Artwork

There are a number of steps and requirements involved in producing the final product and may vary from vendor to vendor. Printers and website developers each have a specific set of required formats for final artwork. To ensure efficiency, we prefer to have contact with the final printer or programmer to properly format before starting the final designs.
Vendors and Partnerships

We have worked hard to find and cultivate relationships with trustworthy vendors that provide the highest quality of work at the best prices.

step 01


step 02



We like to keep the lines of communication open with our vendors during this step. Call us control freaks, but we want to be at press checks for quality assurance and be kept in the loop on progress and any potential set backs. As we monitor the progress of your project, we will make sure you’re aware of the status at all times.

Once the final product is ready, we will coordinate with couriers or shipping companies to get it into the right hands.

What's Next

Our support does not stop when the project is

complete. We’re here to help keep your message

consistent and your brand cohesive. Consider us

your ongoing design partner.

Reporting & Review

We like to include Google Analytics in every web

project we complete. Once you have a website in

place, it’s important to spend the time reviewing

these reports to see how your visitors are spending

time on your site and adjust accordingly.

Social Media

Is your social media set up and do you have a plan?

We can’t ignore it even if we want to! It can be a

powerful took generating awareness or interest in

your business. Let us help.


We’re happy to pass along great referrals and we

love to get them as well. Do you know someone

who could benefit from our services? Send them our

way and we’ll thank you in a big way! Be sure to ask

us details about our Referral Program.

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