Rachel Rhodes

Business & Production Manager

Rachel began her business career as founder and CEO of Lofty Studios Photography, where she handled the creative, marketing, administrative duties and daily activity plans.  She did it all!


She went on to become one of four founding members of Greenzu, LLC., handling marketing and graphic design related tasks.  Greenzu was purchased by HelioPower, where she continued her existing role.


Before joining Worboys Design, Rachel attended the Berkeley Extension Program for a degree in Graphic Design, while building a freelance client base.   She currently heads up our Business Development portion of the business and brings so many talents to the table, including shelf styling.  Yes, that’s a thing and Rachel dominates!


Dogs, cats, river otters - animals in general, I love them all!  Stilettos, sushi, street tacos, rhye, patterns with unexpected color combinations, design – fashion, graphic, interior – all types.


Old brick buildings with tall ceilings, wood beams, and huge paned windows. Beams of sunlight through the clouds, nature, traveling, camping, hiking, biking, baking, learning, gardening, orchids!, thunder storms at night, warm summer rain in the day, spellcheck, helping people, getting to know someone, family, hosting parties, hanging out with friends by a fire with a drink in my hand and the sounds of the ocean or a stream in the background.


Intelligent, driven, kind, talented, and passionate people.

Top Bucket List Activity?

Do a TED talk.

How do your siblings describe you?

Sweet, silly, creative, talented, resourceful, compassionate, dynamic, animal lover, and a true friend.

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